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About Us

PERFORM" Software Performance Company – Perform is a software performance company located in the city of İzmir Turkey.
Our company provides consulting for web and mobile performance to many different industries such as e-commerce, software companies, universities, tourism, government and Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey.

Perform was started in 2012 to meet the growing needs of software professionals; looking for robust and cost-effective software performance management and monitoring software.

Our consultancy services supplements a great deal of value to your business managing efforts and provides significant benefits for your customers.

For that reason, Perform performance company are planned to support developers, content managers, software architects, testers, project managers, database admins, improve the performance, quality, reliability, availability and scalability of mobile and web applications..

These requirements are best met by end to end consulting which provides insight into all software tiers. (Front-End, Back-End, Database and External Calls)

In other word, end to end consulting provides metrics for user touches, clicks and tracks the responses from components through the delivery chain from user interface processing to application processing to database and external processing.